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Gender choice and the destructive ideology

Posted on May 4, 2023 by Ryan Dahlman

In response to the letter to the editor, “Gender identity is not a choice”, it appears that we agree, but for very different reasons. Gender truly is fixed, but that is because it is intrinsically and inseparably attached to one’s biology. The two words, gender and sex, are synonymous. But are people attempting to “choose” their gender? The answer is unequivocally, yes.

Today, the claim that one is actually the opposite sex of their biology is common. This comes as a subjective feeling about one’s self that “must” be adopted as truth by everyone. Now gender dysphoria is a real disorder and is reported as often being coupled with mental disorders. Stats shows that it affects 1 in 10,000 males and 1 in 50,000 females. Shockingly, this is not what is being reported among young people today. Instead it is much higher. Reports show as high as two per cent of high school students are transgender and in some cases higher. Could it be that many teens are “choosing” the social contagion of changing their gender?

The questions posed in the earlier letter to the editor are hollow. In attempts to prove that no teacher or person of influence has ever caused a child to “choose” a different gender, they ask if I can point to when I chose my gender? We agree that no one chooses their gender, but the question does not prove what the author hopes. It does not prove that no one today is choosing their gender. Teens especially are falling victim to a social contagion. Gender dysphoria has skyrocketed in the last 8-10 years and it is confirmed that the influence of social media is driving this phenomenon.

One of the most significant evidences we see for people choosing their gender is found with the stats of those who desist or, in essence, grow out of being transgender. There have only been a couple of main studies about the phenomenon and both main studies found that anywhere from 60 – 80 per cent of young people desist if they are not immersed in the gender ideology of transition treatment. Ideologists argue the results are inflated, but even if that is so and the studies do post inflated results, the phenomenon is real. People desist from being transgender and there are also varying statistics on those who detransition (anywhere from one – 25 per cent switch back to their biological sex). The personal testimonies of ones like Chloe Cole and Helena Kerschner blame their gender transition nightmares on a terrible choice which was influenced by the ideology. All of this demonstrates that trans-identified people are making a “choice” about their gender. So to say that in our society, there is no push, especially for children to choose to change their gender is not true. There is constant pressure, especially upon those who are already struggling mentally.

Most, if not all, children go through times of questioning, feeling awkward in their bodies and this ideology is lying to them. We must again recognize true stats. As many as 80 per cent of transgender identified people admit to regular suicidal thoughts and 40 per cent attempt suicide6.

Therefore, it is high time we step in, reject gender ideology and work to save this generation of children. A similar question to one asked in the previous letter should be asked: “Do we have the courage to respect everyone as they truly are?” May sound-minded adults come alongside struggling kids and affirm that they are special as they truly are their gender in accordance with their sex, that and certainly do not need to change gender, and that whatever struggles they are going through will be best addressed in truth and loving support, not transition.

 George Mills

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