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Redcliff RV parking survey

Posted on April 16, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Rieger

Redcliff administration gathered some valuable information from a recent survey sent out to local ratepayers on RV parking in the community, but a subsequent open house drew far less interest from the public.

“We did not have a whole lot of people show up, so I was disappointed,” said mayor Ernie Reimer.

Only 23 people turned out for the open house; but, some feedback was gathered from those who were in attendance.

“Some did not like that they had to park their RV a meter back from the sidewalk because some yards do not accommodate the longer RVs” said Reimer. “Overall though, people were pleased and we are getting some good feedback.”

The survey which was sent out to local residents earlier this year garnered more solid information.

The RV parking survey stated that RVs should be located a specific distance (one to three meters) away from the sidewalk or road. More than half of the respondents strongly agreed (32%) or agreed (25%).

Thirty-nine percent of respondents agreed with the statement in the survey that Rvs should only be parked on a roadway for a maximum of 48 consecutive hours. (Only percentages are provided in the survey results, so the actual number of respondents is not known.)

As well, respondents were in favour of having a setback from the neighbour, with a minimum distance of 0.5 meters – 2 meters between the RV and the adjacent property.

The responses were more evenly split when asked if Rvs should be parked on a hard surface, with only 22 percent strongly agreeing and 17 percent strongly disagreeing.

A recommended amendment to the definition of recreational vehicle in the Land Use bylaw (Section 66) was not in the survey, but was presented at the open house, as were regulations for removable campers and to allow the bylaw officer to chalk-mark tires of recreational vehicles parked on the streets.

The survey and open house are part of the Town’s strategic plan.

“Community engagement is one of five areas council wants to be focused on,” said Arliss Crofts, town manager.

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