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Ultimate stride with Ronna

Posted on August 14, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Carlie Connolly

Growing up in Redcliff, Ronna Magotiaux had wanted a horse ever since she was a little girl. She didn’t begin riding until 2000 and now she has rides in many disciplines. Barrel racing, showing, English riding, gymkhana, trail riding, some jumping and that’s not all. Magotiaux has helped many people in Alberta cope with there emotions through something called reiki, which brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.

She attends many horse shows in Alberta and currently has three horses that she is showing. Reining her strongest discipline along with equitation, but something she takes great pride in is her business Ultimate Stride. She helps horses, dogs and people with emotional release by practicing reiki.

It’s balancing all four bodies whether mental, spiritual, emotional or physical.

With the four bodies your balancing and releasing trauma from the body so the body can heal properly.

Reiki is performed by assessing the body first and then go through the troubled spots and usually there is a root of the problem and you go to the root and its gone for good.

“In you shoulders you hold issues which can be burdens, responsibilities, somebody you haven’t forgiven. Once you release all of that stuff, you feel like your two pounds when you leave the table because you release it,” she said. “Usually when the trauma is gone, the problem is gone.” She says that reiki helps to release trauma from every part of your body.

Jacey Belau who just met Magotiaux recently got a reiki treatment done and said it helped her greatly.

“It actually helped me be at peace with myself. I’ve been going through a rough couple of months,” she said.

Belau says she will definitely be attending again and will start the sessions with Magotiaux once every two weeks.

Another woman by the name of Clorice St. Germain who has gone through a lot of hard times, has been attending Magotiaux sessions for seven years and counting.

“She released so much out of me. There were times where I was depressed for like four days. I couldn’t get out of bed, I’d come see her and I was ready to take on the world,” she said.

“She brings things out of you that you didn’t even know you had in you.”

Not only does Magotiaux perform this on people, but she helps out with horses too. St. Germain had a lame horse that could barely walk and within 15 minutes, the horse was walking fine after Magotiaux had come by.

St. Germain’s other unfortunate incident occurred when her dog got ran over by a truck. Magotiaux gave her a treatment and the dog was walking fine and recovered quickly.

“She’s pretty incredible, she really knows her stuff. She’s a very positive and inspiring person.”

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