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Council keeps communication open on radios for fire departments

Posted on August 8, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Jamie Regier

Briefs from the July 26 County of Forty Mile council meeting
Merging of AUMA and AAMD&C
County council voted in favour of submitting a letter of support to the AAMD&C in retaining the current structure of the association.
This comes after the County received notifiction from the AUMA that a resolution would be coming at their fall convention to support exploring the possibility of merging the AUMA and AAMD&C into one municipal organization.
A brief description of the issue in the agenda for the July 26 meeting said, “The two associations have a very diverse membership in which goals and objectives currently do not align. This type of merger may be just another step in silencing the rural voice.”
“I am not in favour of this. It will end up being our municipalities sending just one or two representatives (to the conventions),” said reeve Bryne Lengyel.
Council was vocal in their opposition to a merger.
“We’re going to lose more representation,” said Coun. Joan Hughson.
“They just want to shut us down. The AUMA is pushing this,” said Coun. Ron Harty.
“They’ve tried this before,” responded reeve Bryne Lengyel.
Coun. Chantel Timmons made the motion to submit a letter of support to retain the current structure of the organization. Council passed the motion.

Reservoir Vicinity district to Recreational 1 district reclassification
Council passed first reading of a land-use bylaw that would change a property near Forty Mile Park from Reservoir vicinity district RV to Recreational Residential 1 District RR1.
“Some years ago, a plan was approved for this, but the lots were never developed,” said county development officer, Nathan Ogden.
Council passed first reading of the land-use bylaw change.

Radio issues for firefighters
Communication between firefighters during last month’s major grassfire near Aden was sketchy and at times, problematic, according to Coun. Joan Hughson.
“Communication was the issue. Not all phones were working and they only have three radios for the Aden fire department that has 21 guys,” she said.
Reeve Bryne Lengyel said that while radios are being planned, they are undecided whether they will be getting digital or analog radios, adding that a repeater tower may not be doing the job it should be.
Lengyel said this will be brought up again at a following council meeting.

Moratorium on mowing
During the meeting, council learned that the County had been receiving phone calls about having crews mowing ditches along county roads. Because of the extreme dry conditions, council put an immediate moratorium on mowing, with mowing only being allowed along paved roads and in irrigated areas.

Public hearings
Tom Bird from BluEarth was on hand for two public hearings regarding the reclassification of two properties from Agricultural to Solar Energy Facility district. Nobody from the public attended the public hearings nor were there any written objections to the bylaw changes.
Bird, director of regulations, permits, and approvals had been working on both projects since their inception.
“The two projects (Burdett and Yellow Lake) have both gone through AUC. For the Yellow Lake project, a resident had issues with stormwater, but they have since withdrawn their letter of objection,” said Bird.

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