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Kilkpatrick enters Redcliff mayoral race

Posted on September 19, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator
Redcliff Mayor Dwight Kilpatrick

By Justin Seward
Redcliff Coun. Dwight Kilpatrick will be seeking his ninth term on council by entering the mayoral race against Ernie Reimer in October’s election.
Kilpatrick said it has been one of his dilemmas for awhile on whether or not he would run for the mayor’s chair or as a councillor again because he knew again it would have been easier to go about his business.
However, it seems to Kilpatrick that everything is a matter of opinion and with what Redcliff is up against in the near future in terms of political movement, it was appropriate to run for mayor.
“I think I’m a stronger candidate then Ernie,” said Kilpatrick.
“I believe I have a better memory. I believe I have a better understanding of our infrastructure and how it works.”
The thing he wants to bring to the town if he were to be elected mayor is a better understanding and an ability to stay on time.
“Every day there is a new thing pulling because you had a confrontation with somebody,” said Kilpatrick.
“I’ll be honest with you, that’s what I believe I’ve seen lately, is some of the things that happened, aren’t happening.”
He added as far as past decisions go, he has been involved in a lot of them, whether the vote has gone his way or not because at least his opinion was included.
A decision that came to mind was the sewer study and the infiltration and inflow study where a booklet was handed to each council member and there were two engineering firms that gave council two different studies.
Kilpatrick said while council may have read the booklets, the comprehension was not understood by all the members and that is where his spending most of his life in various construction capacities became invaluable.
“We’ve had strategic planning sessions and we’ve come out of it with go forward priorities and within a week it’s like people have forgotten what our priorities are and they have all these little things cropping up all over the place and all that does is bog our administration down and the big projects stall out,” said Kilpatrick.
“We’re no further ahead today than we were then because we’re bringing up little things that take time too. I just feel we have to get on with our big priorities.”
The town is in good standing and have space for growth in his view.
Redcliff Mayor Ernie Reimer will enjoy the competition this time around.
“You don’t feels as good anyway if you get acclimated,” said Reimer.
“I’m prepared and lets have a go at it and see where the chips fall as they may. Bring it on.”
Reimer has felt good about the town as they have accomplished a lot and finished up the projects that have been started and see them come to fruition.
He said having the right people in the right places has helped in completing the accomplishments.
“We’ve filled the water treatment plant, it’s up and running,” said Reimer.
“Folks are not complaining about water much anymore so that’s a good thing. We’re looking after our infrastructure as far as our sewage system goes.”

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