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Payne discusses puppy mills, pipelines and wind energy with county council

Posted on November 14, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

The County of Forty Mile’s bylaw enforcement officer Stewart Payne gave his report in front of council at the Nov. 8 regular council meeting.
Payne began the conversation saying that he tried to get out on the sugar beet harvest patrol as much as possible and had noted there was minor setback with the field to truck/ field to road loading but has since been rectified and rules are now all being followed.

He said the MLA’s office had phoned the county about a “puppy mill” that has been occurring the area where an individual is raising puppies and visitors are almost always buying puppies.
However the SPCA is always getting complaints and over the 15 years that Payne has been with the county he has received maybe six complaints.
“There is a loophole, that if we have to shake things up, we could,” said Payne.
“But right now it’s more of a standards issue where people are coming to look at the puppies or pets (and) have a higher standard than the breeder and just don’t like it.”

Treatment plant
Commissioning has started for all the parts and mechanical pieces and bumps that are at the treatment plant and raw water treatment system.
Payne said it is going to take over a month and a half to commission the whole treatment plant.
“While I was at the commissioning meeting, it was obvious the village has one operator and that operator is overwhelmed,” he said.
“So I don’t know if the village has contacted the county yet. Right now it doesn’t effect the County of Forty Mile because we’re not drawing water off it.”
The Village of Foremost is expected to have water in mid-December.

Pipeline update
Now turning the tables, Payne would like to spend more time on the regional pipelines. It was prior to the elections that a tender went out for the ‘1A’ phase which went from Foremost to Etzikom, while prior to tendering, turn outs, valves and hydrants were located.
Now B and C locations are ready sketchings and tendering for the pipeline between Etzikom and Manyberries.
Pressure and volume will be uncertain due to now knowing how low it will go.Etzikom to Orion is the next section with the agreements in place and the coordination with the contractor is ongoing.
The pipeline will be in casings as it crosses the new highway and the most of the project will be boarded.

Concerns with land owner on ‘1C’ pipeline from Orion to Manyberries

The area has native prairie, while other areas have cultivation and grass land.
The cultivated land has been seeded to grass for more than 20 years.
Payne mentioned when the land agent approached the land owners for the pipeline and offered the fees that council agreed upon and suggested it was all grassland, the owner disagreed, saying it was cultivated land.
“We agreed it has been grassland forever so we’re going offer him grassland fees,” said Payne, in earlier discussions with county representative.
“He threw up ‘I guess if I have to but come look for a signature in January.’ He wouldn’t sign anything and brushed us off.”
The land has been reseeded to obtain grass and is cultivated.
He is going to continue to deal with the land owner.

Wind Energy Facility- land use amendment

The county had received an application (LUA 12/2017) from Renewable Energy Systems (R.E.S.) to reclassify several parcels of land to Wind Energy Facility District “WEF”. By-law 12/2017 had been considered for council’s consideration.
Council approved the first reading of the by-law and the public hearing on Dec. 21. at 11 a.m.


A by-election will be held for the vacant Ward 2 seat on March 26, 2018.

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