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Reynolds hoping for Conservative election win

Posted on September 24, 2019 by 40 Mile Commentator
Gordon Reynolds

Justin Seward

Bow Island Mayor Gordon Reynolds hopes to see a change in Canada’s government come the Oct. 21 federal election.
Reynolds says if Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is re-elected the trend of rural areas not getting a lot will continue.
“They haven’t done a lot for us,” said Reynolds.
“I think that will continue. I anticipate when you look at polls and some of the issues that are being kicked around, at the present time it kind of looks to me that government won’t get back in.
“We need some leadership that needs some substance behind it in Ottawa and right now there is no substance, which is unfortunate.”
Reynolds says the worst situation Canada could have is a minority Liberal Government with the Green Party holding the balance of power, because economically it will put everyone in a bad way but especially in Alberta.
“There’s some pretty hostile policies towards this province and the problem I find with some of the Green policies,” said Reynolds.
“The economics behind some of their doing just doesn’t add up. Somehow some of these initiative have to be paid for. If you’re impeding business from generating money and jobs. How did you pay for that? Well you just keep going into debt. That doesn’t work.”
The mayor noted the Liberals doubled the pay out on the federal gas tax money they give municipalities and to his knowledge the government gave the funds to the municipalities for this year and next year ahead of time.
“That’s the only thing and that’s simply a pre-election ploy,” said Reynolds.
He hopes that if Andrew Scheer’s Conservativesaere elected, therewill be more sound economic policies which he mentioned came out of former prime minister Stephen Harper’s government.
“For the most part, they ran this country (through) tough economic times on a worldwide basis and it came through pretty darn good,” he said.
He would like to see more balanced social policies that help pay for programs that are helping the country move forward.
“Some of the more leftist programs, the only way to pay for them is to borrow the money and go into more debt. We’re carrying enough of that already,” he said.
If the Conservative Party of Canada were to come in to power, Reynolds doesn’t expect to see Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner MP Glen Motz any more than he does now, because of how big the riding is geographically.
“He sits in the House with people that tour the riding on a city transit bus,” he said.
“He’d be in a vehicle to cover this riding and not see everybody. Our ridings are based on population and we don’t have the dense population.”

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