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St. Michael’s School have raised the bar slightly again for the Terry Fox Run

Posted on September 24, 2019 by 40 Mile Commentator

Justin Seward

St. Michael’s School students are challenged to raise $200 more than last year’s Terry Fox Run.
“I think our 2018 (total) was $5,300,” said Jill Weatherhead, the school’s Terry Fox Run coordinator.
“The challenge this year (is) $5,500. If they do raise that, the teachers are going to have a lip sync battle. All the staff members will be divided into two groups. The children chose a song for each group and the teachers will have to perform their hearts out.”
The songs are ‘Old Town Road’ and Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’
Weatherhead says students are either raising money online through a link set up by the Terry Fox Foundation or go to neighbours and family with their pledge forms.
“It’s one of our best fundraisers of the year. Everybody gives wholeheartedly,” she said.
The school has tried to build a goal every year and the aim is to set the bar a little higher each year, she added.
In preparation for the 2019 run, 10 students have had the opportunity to lead the “Be like Terry” initiative to learn how to become leaders of tomorrow the way Fox did with his run.
“We’re talking a lot about citizenship and how we can give back to our world and give back to our community,” said Weatherhead.
“This came across my desk and it seemed like an excellent way for them to be the practical leaders in our school. A number of students have taken on the task of putting up our posters and giving the morning announcements when we try to remind people to fundraise.”
Education on the Terry Fox Run is reiterated from Day 1 of classes to the students.
“Every year at our opening assembly we know this is coming at the end of September,” said Weatherhead.
“Right away from Day 1, it’s a part of our significant announcements. As a part of our opening assembly we tell students we’re going to be running, announce the date, get people fired up (and) give the little information for the younger kids coming in of what Terry Fox started and how we can help him finish his goal.”
St. Michael’s School was recognized last year by the Terry Fox Foundation for their fundraising efforts for the past 20 years.
“The school has always shown up,” said Weatherhead.
“We just come up with a reasonable number according to our population and what’s been done in the past.”
Both St. Michael’s and Cherry Coulee Christian Academy will be doing their Terry Fox Run on Oct. 1 at 1 p.m.

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