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First reading for Gasoline Alley ASP passed by county council

Posted on April 15, 2020 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Justin Seward

Cypress County council approved the first reading of the Gasoline Alley Area Structure Plan during council’s first virtual meeting on April 7.
The purpose of the Plan is to provide a framework to future growth and land uses in Dunmore in an orderly or economic matter. The ASP is being developed from council’s strategic planning efforts that identify the Gasoline Alley area for structure growth and diversification for industry.
The ASP describes the uses for 243-acres of farmland and existing hamlet commercial uses located south of Highway 1 and east of the Eagle Butte Road/Charles Street intersection which will be developed into a commercial, business and industrial park.
The vision is to expand the commercial development to the east of Eagle Butte Road and Charles Street, the land north of the Trans-Canada Highway and east of the above mentioned roads, extending 360 metres past Highway 41, would be a mixture of commercial and industrial land. Third Avenue would be a combination of commercial and industrial and will provide a land-use transformation from the existing and proposed residential neighborhood to the south.
The lands will be serviced by private septic fields for the interim, while water, storm and future sanitary sewer services will meet the needs of the hamlet and surrounding communities.
Both areas will have the opportunity for vehicle-oriented highway commercial development along Highway 1.
It was back in November 2019 that an open house was held to present the concept Dunmore and area residents.
“WSP and Cypress County administration gathered feedback and input
During this event, and the plan was subsequently drafted by WSP and reviewed by Planning &Development Services,” said Cypress County staff in the agenda package.
“In February of 2020, a second session was held, which involved a formal
Presentation to present the draft plan. This event was very well attended, and following the conclusion, WSP and Cypress County determined that no significant changes to the Plan were necessary.”
Before second and third reading can be passed, a public hearing will be held at a later undetermined date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dunmore off-site levy deferment
Council approved Deputy Reeve Richard Oster’s motion to move that
“The Dunmore Equestrian Society (the “Society”) is permitted to defer the off-site levy payment payable pursuant to Cypress County Bylaw 2016/27 subject to compliance with the following conditions. a. The off-site levy amount payable calculated in accordance with Cypress County Bylaw 2016/27 (the “Amount Payable”) and the payment terms shall be set out in a Development Agreement which is registered on title to the subject lands described as _________________ (the “Lands”) pursuant to Section 655 of the Municipal Government Act; b. The amount payable to the county shall be secured by way of a mortgage registered in a first priority position on the Certificate of Title to the Lands to the satisfaction of the County and its legal counsel. c. The Amount Payable shall be immediately due and payable to the County upon the earlier of the following events: i. Transfer of lease of the Lands to a third party, ii. The Society changes its statutes to a “for profit” organization, iii. The Society amalgamates with or is consolidated into another entity without the County’s prior approval, iv. The Society winds up or otherwise ceases operation, or v. ______________, 2025.”
The first blank line is for the legal land description, for once there is a lot block and subdivision plan affixed to the lands and that will then be determined by the surveyor later in the process. The second blank line will be filled in by the county as the municipality will determine when an amount is due and payable to them.
Fire training grant agreement
Coun. Dustin Vossler’s motion of council to authorize the county’s chief administrative officer to sign the conditional grant agreement as the fiscal agent on behalf of Cypress County and Redcliff for the 2019/2020 Fire Services Training Program was passed. Upon a signature, the county will get $13,136 to split between the two municipalities to go towards training fire members.
Policy ASB P6.2- 2 per cent Liquid Strychnine
Council approved Policy ASB P6.2- 2 per cent Strychnine as amended. On March 4, Health Canada’s PRMA released information on the 2 per cent Liquid Strychnine to control Richardson’s ground squirrels. It was decided that PRMA has cancelled the registration for the product. The manufacturer can sell the product until March 4, 2021. Retailers such as the county will be able to sell it until March 4, 2022, and producers will have until a year later to use the product up. The product will then become illegal and owners/ users could face fines.
2020 budget
Council approved the 2020 revenue budget in the amount of $46,710,25 and Operating Expense budget of $37,337,741. There was also $16,603,000 approved to be transferred to the Capital budget. Additionally, the distribution of funds items of HALO and Southeastern Alberta Search and rescue (SEASAR) will be brought forward at a future meeting. Tourism budget items of the tourist information cenntre (Walsh), Bullshead Reservoir and the Michel Reservoir will be brought forth to the provincial government for discussion.

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