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BYOG program to connect seniors to equine activities virtually

Posted on August 5, 2020 by 40 Mile Commentator
Photo by Photos by Carrie Kenzie Schulze and Carrie Campbell will be running the BYOG program all of August.

By Justin Seward


Kenzie Schulze and Carrie Campbell have teamed up with the Dunmore Equestrian Society to do a videography and photography project to connect seniors during the isolation of COVID 19 throughout August.
The BYOG (Bring Your Own Grandparents) program will see the duo make videos and take photos that pertain to agriculture/equine activities.
“It’s going to start on Aug. 1 and run through the month of August,” said Schulze, who owns Prairie Instincts equestrian program.
“What we’ll be doing is we’ll be posting either videos or photos on to (the Equestrian Cerntre’s)social media, so Facebook and Instagram, and with each one that we’re going to post, we’re going to have a question at the end of it. Then our goal is for people to reach out to seniors they know or any senior for that matter and talk to them about either the video or photo and have them answer the question on our social media.”
Schulze says BYOG may focus on highlighting a family business just so people know what is happening in the community.
“The Dunmore Equestrian Centre really wanted to focus on seniors because they’re not getting a lot of connection, especially with COVID-19,” Schulze said.
“We’re trying to figure out how we can even reach them because a lot of senior homes are locked down right now. So going places wasn’t really an option and we don’t really have enough people to be trying to phone and do all this stuff ourselves. We thought it’d be interesting to connect the people from social media to people that don’t have anybody.”
People can call Schulze at (403) 581-3525 if they do not have those social media options available and she will connect you with someone that can chat about the video or photos.
“We’re hoping it’ll be like a community project where the people that are on social media will reach out to the seniors that aren’t and have that discussion with them,” said Schulze.
“And the person that’s connected to social media will basically be their voice.” Campbell says a big part of the program is getting people familiar with what agriculture means to them.
“It’s obviously a livelihood and a way of life,” said Campbell.
“I’m learning so much already just how life exists outside the city or a different lifestyle like that. I think it’s interesting for us to use our videography and photography and share what we’re learning in that kind of platform.”
Campbell’s background is social work and photography and with the project, it forced her to get into some videography, which she has had interest in.
“It kind of blends my passion for the creative side and also reaching out to people that are vulnerable,” she said.
There will be prizes at the end for those that comment in a senior’s voice and they will be entered into a draw.
Anybody can participate that is on social media.
“There are a lot of negative things going on in the world right now and people are kind of focusing on that,” said Schulze.
“We want to bring in the positive aspects of agriculture and how even just a picture or a video of an animal can bring somebody something positive to their day. That’s essentially what I want to do with all my projects.”

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