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May 19, 2024 May 19, 2024

Redcliff town council adapts bylaw in response to looming drought threat

Posted on March 21, 2024 by Ryan Dahlman

By Brylan Span

In response to growing concerns over a potential drought this summer, Redcliff Town Council has taken proactive measures by revising Bylaw No.1969/2024, also known as the Water Conservation and Restriction Bylaw. The changes were unanimously approved during a recent council meeting held on March 11, reflecting the town’s commitment to conserving water resources and ensuring sustainable usage amid challenging environmental conditions.

The revisions to the bylaw aim to provide clearer guidelines and stricter enforcement mechanisms to address water scarcity issues effectively.

Among the notable changes are the addition of violation tags and violation tickets, empowering the town to issue penalties for violations related to water conservation. Tickets for offenses have doubled as the first offense went from $50 to $100, a second offense from $100 to $200, and a third offense costing $500, rather than the previous cost of $250. The enforcement and penalties section has been refined to offer greater clarity on the consequences of non-compliance, emphasizing the importance of adherence to water conservation measures.

The revised bylaw also introduces a tiered approach to water conservation, with specific stages based on the severity of the drought situation. These stages range from voluntary water conservation measures in Stage 1 to emergency restrictions on all outdoor water use and non-essential water activities in Stage 4. Each stage is accompanied by detailed guidelines outlining permissible water usage for residential, commercial, and recreational purposes.

One of the key provisions of the updated bylaw is the implementation of specific timeframes for watering lawns and gardens, should drought conditions worsen. It is aimed at optimizing water consumption during periods of lower demand. Restrictions on non-essential water activities, such as car washing and outdoor surface cleaning, can be imposed to minimize wastage and prioritize essential water needs.

The bylaw also grants designated officers, including Community Peace Officers, the authority to enforce compliance and issue penalties for violations.

Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the updated regulations outlined in Bylaw No.1969/2024 and actively participate in water conservation efforts to support the collective goal of ensuring water security for the community.

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