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July 13, 2024 July 13, 2024

Fire services and protection, noise, and urban hen bylaws see first readings carried at Bow Island council

Posted on April 4, 2024 by Ryan Dahlman

By Brylan Span

Three bylaws had their first readings and were carried during the March 25 Bow Island town council meeting.

The first was the Fire Protection Services Bylaw. Key points from the bylaw include regulations regarding the setting and use of fires within Bow Island. It prohibits burning garbage, waste materials, or any other flammable material without a permit from the Fire Chief or authorized personnel. It also prohibits property owners from allowing combustible materials to accumulate on their properties without proper containment. The bylaw also outlines penalties for violations, including fines and warnings, with escalating penalties for repeat offenses within a calendar year. All properties within Bow Island must be clearly marked with their civic address numbers for identification purposes during emergencies.

Second was the Noise Bylaw. Under this bylaw, residents are prohibited from engaging in activities that disrupt the peace, rest, and comfort of others. This includes the operation of motorized vehicles with loud exhausts, derelict vehicles, or excessive motorcycle noise. Additionally, the use of snow clearing devices and motorized garden tools is restricted during nighttime hours. Exceptions are made for emergency situations and specific town-approved projects, provided they adhere to designated time frames. Cultural or recreational events sanctioned by the Town, as well as private or entertainment events with proper permits, are also exempt. Penalties for violating the bylaw range from voluntary penalties to fines upon summary conviction, with increasing severity for repeated offenses within a six-month period.

The Urban Hen Bylaw was third. Once the bylaw is passed, individuals are required to obtain an urban hen license to keep up to four urban hens. Only a maximum of five licenses will be issued within the town. Urban hen keepers must adhere to various regulations regarding coop size, location, and maintenance. Coops must be situated in the rear yard of properties, a distance from dwellings and lot lines, and maintained to prevent odors and rodent infestations. The bylaw prohibits the keeping of roosters and unlicensed urban hens. Violations of the bylaw may result in fines ranging from $250 to $500 for each offense. The Chief Administrative Officer and designated Peace Officers are responsible for enforcing the bylaw and may issue violation tags or tickets for non-compliance.

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