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First Wellness Day at Senator Gershaw School

Posted on April 11, 2024 by Ryan Dahlman
Commentator/Courier Photo submitted. FIRST WELLNESS DAY: (Other members of the Wellness Committee at Senator Gershaw are, from left to right, Makaya Porteous, Mila Wever, Leah Pinchin, Gage Hintz, Henson Oldenzijl, Spencer Kramer, Lacey Thacker, and Evan Veilleux.

By Samantha Johnson
Prairie Rose Public Schools Content Writer

As the oldest member of the Wellness Committee at Senator Gershaw School, Sophie Wever became the leader of the group. The idea for the committee sprang out of the annual leadership conference Wever and fellow members of the leadership group at the school attended back in November 2023.

“We took away from that day and planned it all out,” explained Wever.

Every year they do the healthiest school cup and plan out what the school will do to be healthy. It’s not a competition, just how they ensure we are having good wellness in our school as that is becoming a more popular thing in Alberta. We like to take away from that day because it gives us a bunch of ideas and gets us thinking of things we could do in our school.”

The Wellness Day was split into 40-minute sessions with time for breaks between each one. Healthy protein and how a healthy diet can affect one’s wellness was covered with students making protein balls in the home economics room. Representatives from Miywasin Centre were in the gymnasium for Indigenous team building games. Ever Active Schools were running yoga sessions, and Painter Girl offered the chance for students to discover some creative fun. Teachers and staff also got to take part with members of the Wellness Committee leading them in a variety of activities.

The Wellness Committee is composed of elementary and junior high students at the school, who were supported by teachers and school administration along with the parent advisory council.

“It’s all elementary and junior high run and that is what we wanted to do because it brings more opportunities for the younger kids to be in our Wellness Committee in our school,” said Wever. “I was a little nervous at the start but after we had our intro and we went over everything, I’m excited now. We’ve done so much planning and scheduling with our group that it’s surreal we actually made it happen. It’s wonderful, I’m so happy now, it turned out great. The last week was crazy, I had surgery on my knee in February. We were going to have our wellness day in February, but due to that we changed it around. It’s been chaotic for sure, but it’s coming to play really well.”

The biggest challenge for the committee was planning the schedule for the Wellness Day and creating groups that account for differing student characteristics and having enough variety so there was at least one thing each student would find enjoyable. Each group was composed of 30 students and feeding them all also had to be taken into account.

“For my wellness, it’s been great because I get to see how much the kids love it. They came in this morning and were excited about what group they were in and all the fun stuff they get to do. That has been satisfying for me and how I get to make someone’s day and see them excited about it and it makes me so excited. I am a scheduler and I loved scheduling this day,” stated Wever.

She hopes Wellness Day will become a yearly event at the school and is hopeful the younger students on the committee, some in Grade 4 who were responsible for making posters, will continue on. “It’s really nice to see they want to keep doing it too,” said Wever. “I’m so glad it all worked out and I’m so thankful for everyone that has been helping because I was raised that when you put the hard work in, good things come. After seeing this and putting all my hard work in, and we get to see all the kids enjoying it, it’s such a good feeling, that feeling of achievement.”

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