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Local athletes medal up at Summer Games

Posted on July 21, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator
PHOTO SUBMITTED BY NATASHA BUNN - Local athletes captured a lot of medals at the Southern Alberta Summer Games, held recently in Claresholm.

Submitted by Natasha Bunn
The Southern Alberta Summer Games began in 1970 as a grass-roots sport and culture festival with an emphasis on participation, fair play and fun for the whole family. Each year, 13 teams or “regions” from across Southern Alberta bring approximately 2,000 participants to a different southern Alberta host community – making it the largest consecutively-running festival of its kind in Western Canada. The Town of Claresholm did a fantastic job hosting the 2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games!
This year, the County of 40 Mile had 34 participants competing in this year’s Summer Games. With the youngest athlete competing at six years old and the oldest being 77, this really is an event for all ages. Congratulations to all County of 40 Mile coaches and athletes. As a result of your hard work County of 40 Mile walked away with 12 gold, nine silver and four bronze making a total of 24 medals! Our participants competed in a variety of events including archery, athletics, badminton, ball hockey, cribbage, cycling and handgun.
As this year’s regional director I wanted to personally thank you all for making the 2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games an event to remember. I enjoyed getting to know all of the talented athletes and watching them showcase our community’s pride. Congratulations all of you once again, I hope to see you all next year!

Summer Games results
INDIVIDUALS: Nine gold, nine silver, four bronze
Archery – Female traditional
Eichelbaum, Ingrid, Silver
Athletics – Bantam 100 meter, Girls
Porteous, Kiara, 6th
Andreas, Jessica, 8th
Athletics – Bantam 200 meter, Girls
Porteous, Kiara, 7th
Athletics – Bantam 400 meter timed, Girls
Andreas, Jessica, 6th
Athletics – Bantam 800 meter finals, Girls
Porteous, Kiara, 6th
Athletics – Bantam Long jump, Girls
Van Roessel, Meredith, 6th
Athletics – Bantam Shot Put, Boys
Timmons, Dacey, Gold
Athletics – Bantam Shot Put Girls
Porteous, Kiara, Gold
Andreas, Jessica, Silver
Athletics – Masters 100 meter, Mens
Porteous, Garth, Silver
Timmons, Everett, 6th
Masters 200 meter, Mens
Porteous, Garth, Silver
Athletics – Masters 50 Meters, mens
Porteous, Garth, Silver
Athletics – Masters Javelin, Mens
Timmons, Everett, Gold
Athletics – Masters Shot Put, Mens
Porteous, Garth, Silver
Timmons, Everett, Bronze
Athletics 0- Mighty Mite 200 Meter, Boys
Van Roessel, Jake, 6th
Athletics – Mighty Mite 400 meter timed, Boys
Porteous, Kale, 5th
Athletics -Mighty Mite Ball Throw, Girls
Timmons, Keely, 7th
Athletics – Mighty Mite, High jump, Girls
Timmons, Keely, 8th
Athletics – Mighty Mite Long jump, Boys
Van Roessel, Jake, Bronze
Porteous, Kale, 5th
Athletics – Pee Wee 200 meter, Boys
Porteous, Landon, 5th
Athletics – Pee Wee Ball throw, Boys
Porteous, Landon, 4th
Athletics – Pee Wee Shot Put Boys
Porteous, Landon, 4th
Badminton – Single Under 14 years, Girls
Andreas, Jessica, Gold
Cycling – Time trials 11-12 Boys, 6 km
Timmons, Dacey, Bronze
Cycling – Time trials 8-10 years Boys, 4 km
Porteous, Kale, Silver
Cycling – Time trials Under 8 years Girls, 2 km
Porteous, Makaya, Silver
Handgun – Men 56 and over, Centre fire
Eichelbaum, Peter, Gold
Handgun – 56 and over, Standard pistol match
Eichelbaum, Peter, Gold
Handgun -Women 18-55, Centre fire
Eichelbaum, Ingrid, Gold
Handgun – Women 18-55, Standard Pistol match
Eichelbaum, Ingrid, Gold
Photography – 12 and under, Co-ed, Animal
Timmons, Keely, 8th
Photography – 12 and under, Co-ed, My home town
Timmons, Dacey, Bronze
Photography – 12 and under, Co-ed, People
Timmons, Keely, 5th
Timmons, Dacey, 6th
Photography – 12 and under Co-ed, Sport
Timmons, Keely, 4th
Photography – 13-17 Co-ed, Animal
Porteous, Kiara, Silver
Photography – 18 and over Co-ed, Animal
Eichelbaum, Ingrid, 8th’
Photography – 18 and over Co-ed, Digital Manipulation
Eichelbaum, Ingrid, 5th
In team events, Team County of 40 Mile won three gold medals: Masters 4 X 100 meter Mens Team 1, Mighty Mite 4 X 100 meter Boys, Team 1; and Badminton -Doubles Under 14 Girls -Team 1.

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