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Let’s talk mental health

Posted on September 9, 2014 by 40 Mile Commentator

We’ve all heard of the many deaths on the news. Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, L’Wren Scott and many others have taken their own lives. But why? Is it pressure from the media? Fame, money or what about breakups?

Suicide goes much deeper than just taking one’s life. It’s about the cause. One of the most important causes of suicide is mental illness. This is very hidden in those victims who are taken by this cause.

Twenty percwent of Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. And what school’s don’t teach in their health classes is mental health, which has become very prevalent among not only teens but adults in their later life. Take Robin William for example; no one would have ever guessed that this energetic comedian would ever want to take his own life.

There is a much deeper root to the problem of suicides that doctors and those in rehabilitation clinics don’t ever diagnose or provide any information about. Mental illness. The sad part about mental health is that almost a half of those who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety problems don’t step forward to tell doctors or therapists.

This just goes to show, more has to be done to help those suffering inside. Because there is a stigma towards mental illness, this proves to be a huge barrier for the diagnosis and acceptance by others.

Around 8% of adults will experience major depression at some point in their lives. In a single year in Alberta, 16% of those in the province visited a physician for mental health concerns.

There are many reasons why people with mental illness don’t seek help. There is limited awareness of available resources and challenges related to accessing the right services for this illness.

One of the biggest reasons people with mental health don’t seek help is because of the fear and stigma that is associated with it. An individual may feel weak to tell others about what they are going through or be worried about how those perceive them. The thing to realize is that people with mental health can get better but with those willing to lend more than just a helping hand.

Building a team is of great importance when dealing with mental health. Family, friends, doctors, counselors and mental health professionals are just some of the people that can help in the process to recovery. Starting with loved ones can be the easiest step to getting help, as they know you best.

Anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder and eating disorders can all be included as mental health.

If you are a friend, family member or even acquaintance, understanding this illness and doing the research can be a huge aid in the recovery of mental illness.

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