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Blow-up not a fair assessment of Blue Jays season

Posted on July 18, 2017 by 40 Mile Commentator

There is always some sort of frustration on a professional team’s bench more than once during a season. Whether a team is losing, decimated by injuries or a player is bringing a team down with a poor performance, these all contribute to struggles.
However, recently when  sources said the Toronto Blue Jays should blow up their roster, that is a very bold statement.
The inconsistency had played a huge factor in how the team has performed but that cannot be totally to blame.
Remember  their key players including Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki and most of the pitching staff were on the disabled list to start the season and it was a struggle right out of the gate and the rest of the players are trying their best to keep the team attached before it completely falls off the rails. That is hard to do when you are the back up roster  players and to find a groove with that many injuries to your starting line-up and expect success is nearly impossible.
Does that not spell a  bit of setback for the forseeable future. Most likely.
This is a team game and everyone should chip in where they can to salvage a game or two no matter who is on the field.
It is a difficult task when a you are playing catch up with teams that are having success such as the Red Sox and Yankees.
Blowing up the team is not necessary because all their key pieces are back and working through the tough year together and should feel a sense of pride.
There is still talent in this line-up that can hit balls into the seats with ease and get a big strike out.
A major roster overhaul  would put the Jays back to where they started prior to their playoff runs, in the basement and pressing the restart button for many years to come.
Management will be under pressure to make moves towards a rebuild and absolutely they can but it does not have to be earth shattering because it is not a bad line-up to begin with.
The Jays might miss the post-season this year but some minor tweaks should put them back in the mix soon.

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