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July 23, 2024 July 23, 2024

Council “has selected a term of 10 years”  for Winnifred Raw Water Project Phase 2

Posted on January 18, 2024 by Ryan Dahlman

Council’s decision to set terms of payment without input from affected property owners just perpetuates the autocratic approach to this project by 40 Mile County Council where Council simply dictates its will. As a Winnifred home-owner, a bonafide stakeholder in this matter I am disappointed and dismayed to have been excluded from all the planning and consideration of this project. The County did not let me know they were going ahead with Phase 2 of the Winnifred Raw Water Project until after all planning was completed.

I was not allowed an opportunity to learn about the project or ask any questions.

I would have certainly asked the County for a cost-benefit study to justify going ahead with this project because as our previous Reeve, Steve Wikkerink, stated in the 40 Mile County Commentator June 4, 2020 (“Discussions resume for Winnifred water source”), “We’re trying to get something done. It probably won’t be a distribution system put in through the community. That will probably just make it unfeasible. We’ll probably try and get it to the community and maybe have a couple different points where they can access that water and still have to haul it back to their yards. At least it’s right in the community.”

This Phase 1 project would have provided residents raw water close at hand for pennies.

Phase 1 was completed but was not made available.

Because Winnifred does not have potable water, home owners all have cisterns already so hauling in drinking water for our yards and gardens is already being done.

The annual fee proposed for the raw water piped to our homes would easily cover the cost to haul extra potable water for yard and garden.

I was able to establish a yard and garden which included 32 rose bushes, by doing just that, hauling and watering with potable water.

It should be noted raw water has limited use.

You can’t drink it, bathe in it, cook with it or even fill your kiddies’ swimming pool because it is deemed unsafe for these purposes.

D.A. Dunlop, Bow Island

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