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CORE works to support daffodil project

Posted on April 14, 2015 by 40 Mile Commentator

By Carlie Connolly
The Daffodil Project has been the talk of the town lately, as many businesses around Medicine Hat are displaying little boxes to raise money for bulbs. The clients of CORE Association assembled the boxes, painted and decorated them, bringing them to 20 businesses downtown to raise money for bulbs planted in the outskirts like leading up to Redcliff.
CORE Association, which has been in the Hat for 60 years, provides services to those with developmental disabilities.
Rita Bessant, executive director of CORE said that she has been in talks with Gillian Slade, the chair of the project committee and reporter with the Medicine Hat News, and that she too comes from Europe where daffodils grow wild.

“I really agreed with her when she said it will beautify Medicine Hat, especially on some of our prairie and some of the outskirts where there’s not much there,” said Bessant.
Bessant instantly loved her plan, saying she would try and support her, and took this to some of the staff who work with individuals at CORE, and they thought it was a wonderful idea.
“The staff and individuals have been out walking the streets,” she said.
She gives credit to the businesses downtown who have been very supportive. People are beginning to call CORE, wanting the boxes too as they have noticed them around the city.
“Its really an ongoing project. I think the individuals and staff will work throughout the summer on this,” said Bessant.
When the boxes are full, CORE will go and collect them, handing the money over to Slade and the formal committee.
“So far they have been incredibly well received,” said Bessant of the money raised for daffodils.
One bulb costs 50 cents, so Bessant feels it’s a good cost.
“We feel that because its such a reasonable cost, I think we’ll find that most people are going to put in 50 cents or a dollar.”
CORE has been going around downtown, bringing boxes to many businesses.
“They have just enjoyed it and are very much involved in this project now. We try always to include individuals in their community, so it’s been very inclusive for the individuals.
In spring time to drive around the outskirts of Medicine Hat and see a massive blaze of beautiful yellow daffodils, I think this is just going to enhance how beautiful this city really is,” she said.
They will be hoping also be taking part in the planting process as well and will approach Slade, hoping to start from the beginning to see the project through to the planting and next spring to see them growing.
“Its such a community project, because everyone’s going to get the benefit of the beauty of this.”
When the boxes are filled, they will empty them, total it and take the boxes straight out again.
“We’re just going to go on and on and on. We will continue and just keep going. Everybody here now desperately wants to see the daffodils growing.”

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