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Remember to smile this Christmas season

Posted on December 17, 2013 by 40 Mile Commentator

As the Christmas season gets into full swing people become animals, rushing from store to store, hoping to find that perfect present for their loved ones.

The mall gets busy, the roads get busy, and sometimes people stop to forget what really matters during the holiday season.

So many people look at the holidays as a break, a time when they don’t have to work for a couple days, they get to stay in and relax, and maybe see most of their family.

But others see the holidays as a stressful time, with too many people and too many accidents waiting to happen as the ants scurry through the city at a pace unknown to the average man.

People become impatient, they become grumpy, and they forget that not everyone wants to be on the receiving end of that attitude. The slow walkers in the mall become roadblocks that others cannot wait to get around, bumping and shoving their way past, knocking over displays, huffing and sighing as they look for an opening to slide past.

Parents forget their children in the holiday madness, letting the young kids motor around stores, getting in the way, causing messes that will have to be picked up by the employees who are just as frustrated by the holiday rush.

Although it is important to purchase presents before Christmas Eve, people seem to forget their manners when December rolls around.

That special present will still be there an hour from now, and if it isn’t, little Timmy will like something else just as much, besides, aren’t the holidays suppose to be about family, not about who got the most expensive toy?

There is no need to go about your day with a frown on your face. It is the holiday season, and Christmas cheer should be spread around like the snow that so frequently falls.

As the days get busier, get closer to Christmas, the attitudes in all aspects drop, the customers as they get jostled around by other shoppers, the clerks as they fight to serve every person equally, getting yelled at when prices are wrong or an item doesn’t scan properly.

It isn’t hard to remember the true meaning of the holidays, not when you take a moment and think. Put on a Christmas movie, sing a Christmas song, even spend a little time decorating your home, and feel the Christmas spirit bring back the memories that should accompany the green and red lights.

Everyone is dealing with the same amount of business, the same rush of people, and if one in every five people remember to smile instead of frown, maybe the madness won’t be all that mad.

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