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Mack opposed to Supreme Court decision on doctor-assisted suicide

Posted on January 12, 2016 by 40 Mile Commentator

The Supreme Court rules unanimously in favor of Doctor assisted suicide (Feb. 2015).
Unbelievably tragic!
Gifford Jones pens a passionate appeal for our new Prime Minister to “ be a man “ and open the gates to legalize doctor-assisted suicide”.
Feds seek to rush assisted dying committee.
What are we thinking? Do we seriously believe that we have the wisdom or the right to determine when an individual, ourselves or another, should die? Do we want to put this responsibility on our physicians?
Gifford Jones’ article (Does Justin Trudeau wear short pants or long pants?, Nov.2, 2015) has very interesting wording; “deny democracy”, “the majority of doctors to their eternal shame have declared they oppose assisted death,” “devilish political tactics” and declaring good angels will accomplish implementing doctor-assisted suicide while bad angels will oppose it. Manipulative wording, deceptive thinking. Interesting stance taken by a man who in other articles freely admits the fallibility of the medical community: ”Minor Surgery ends in disaster.” , “Report claims approach of doctor always knows best” rarely works anymore.” and “There are still no dead bodies” where he states, “ In March 2013 medical research showed that every day 290 North American died from prescription drugs.”) Please do not misunderstand. The men and women in the medical profession deserve our deepest respect and support. They have given their lives to preserve life, sworn the Hippocratic Oath to “take care that they (the patient) suffer no hurt or damage (from the doctor), or allow any man’s entreaty prevail upon me, (the doctor), to administer poison to anyone.” How unfair of us as a society to put them in a position of having to deny their oath or change its’ wording. How egotistical of us to presume we as individuals, or our physicians, have immutability, the omniscience to make the decision as to when a life should end, ours or anothers’. Underlying our claim to this right is a delusion that we are God, or at least in this respect, better able to make this decision than He is.
How will this affect us as a society, as individuals? What effect will this have on our spirits and the spirits of our caregivers? Every thought we allow to linger, every choice, every action, effects our inner being. It follows logically that one who lies is a liar. How much he lies determines how big a liar he is. Let us not be deceived – each lie he tells makes it easier to lie, and harder to speak truth. We want to deceive ourselves into thinking this decision to assist death is compassion, and preserves dignity. We carefully change words to make them more palatable. Doctor-assisted suicide is easier to swallow than doctor-assisted murder.  We need to face the truth. If I help someone die, I am an accomplice to murder. As painful as that is, it is truth. A society that allows and supports doctor – assisted suicide will be affected in how it and its physicians view the value of life.
Compassion is not a gentle smile with a hidden lethal syringe. It is valuing the individual as a unique and precious creation whose existence has purpose, no matter how limited or painful it is. Wisdom is knowing that as frail humanity, some decisions are simply not our call.
Marie Mack
Redcliff, AB

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